#Marriage #Counselling #tests to find If #spouse can #cheat or will have an #extra #marital #affair sooner or later.
Some of the reasons a person may engage in #infidelity include:

Remember no spouse even think about or want to have an affair when they are in happy marriage. When one spouse feels they are in a dead marriage or marriage is fulfilling their dreams desires of life.

  • A lack of #emotional #intimacy in the primary #relationship : This happens when couple starts taking each other for granted or Ego issues or expectation not being met & spouse now even stops expecting.
  • Sex addiction : Just want to have sex, or friend circle who are into extra marital sexual activity.
  • Avoidance of personal or relationship problems : Instead of talking about the issue to the spouse the spouse shares their emotional conflicts to someone they admire or goes out & starts a new relationship.
  • Depression : Depression can be from may reasons, like physical ailment, expectations in life not met, family relationships not happy.  When in long term #depression of any kind both spouse gets tired of each other one serving the depressed person & the person who was depressed needs to find an adventure or just go out & have a different lifestyle.
  • Low #self-esteem : Loss of #job, No career, feel humiliated by spouse or #family, #Goals not accomplished etc.
  • Opportunity : Already in vulnerable #marriage & found ex or some one extra ordinary who may swept them away.
  • Primary relationship dissatisfaction : No respect for #marriage by spouse, feel neglected in marriage.
  • Using the affair as an exit strategy to end the primary relationship : Just using someone thinking if this happens the past can be forgotten.


It’s really easy to make assumptions when you have a suspicion. It’s easy because our brain doesn’t like to live in uncertainty.

And as long as we have one little proof that something might be wrong we need to make an assumption as quick as possible. And of course if there is some suspicion, the assumption will be 99% of the times negative.

It’s better to work on marriage instead of involving our self in an extra marital affair. iNfidelity can be emotionally very devastating experience for both spouse. Most of the affairs starts with emotional affairs, because they feel validated that some one is listening to them or cares for them.

We at iNtegra Marriage Counselling believe if you can make your marriage a Happy Marriage, meet the needs of each other you can have affair proof marriage. If unfortunately you are already having an affair or your spouse is having an affair then you should speak to the counsellor to recover from the pain of betrayal.