#MarriageCounselorInGurgaon explains :

If wife says this line “I’m not happy” in #marriage, It doesn’t mean she is having an affair.
But this is a stage where you need to sit down & think ….

Are Indian wifes Naturally #Monogamous?
The stages of sexual desire women often experience after marriage ?

The Loss of Sexual Desire in #wife ?
Is wife really uninterested in sex, or is she just uninterested in sex with me?
Does it take more than one man to please a #woman #sexually?
What is the cause of men’s fear and denial?

What does wife means when she says “I’m searching for self?”

After #birth of child wife has lost interest in having sex ?
What are the things Wife has been taught about women during her childood or upbringing that simply are not true.

Why wife thinks she #married the wrong guy ?

In couple counselling marriage counselor answers above questions & offers you tips so you can have affair proof marriage.